Another blog about vending machines.

vending machine

A few blogs ago I introduced a vending machine made just for dogs. This blog, I’m going to introduce some wacky, bizarre, and plainly just awesome vending machines from around the world. Unlike the normal vending machines we see selling snacks and drinks, these vending machines that I’m about to introduce can contain all sorts of things that one can imagine. Personally, I would like to see some of these vending machines in Canada. Now, readers’ discretion is advised for some of the vending machines might offend some people…

Amsterdam – Burgers and Fries Vending Machine. No more line ups and no more talking to people. Just insert your money and the vending machine dispenses hot burgers and fries!amsterdam B&F vm

Italy – Jeans Vending Machine. Need a pair of jeans in a hurry and the mall is closed? No worries, jeans vending machine to the rescue. PS: do make sure you know your size. No refunds!

italy jeans vm

US – Make your own ice cream and grilled hot dogs vending machine. Drooling already.

Another one from the US. Marijuana vending machine?!

China – Crabs Vending Machine?! I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t buy crabs this way.Crabs VM

Japan – Beer, cigarette, coffee, eggs, rice, vegetables, canned bread etc… Man, the Japanese sells anything in their vending machines!  Most bizarre… lobster catcher and condom vending machine…


5 responses to “Another blog about vending machines.

  1. Haha, those all look awesome. It’s one of the reasons I want to go to Japan. Also, I think the marijuana machine should be right beside the hotdog and burger/fries machine!

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