Yet another comparison blog: Tolerance of drugs and bad behaviour in different Entertainment Industries

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Just a thought reflecting yesterday’s class on management’s response to artist(s) going out of line.

We often see in the news or tabloids of artists or celebrities doing drugs and going to rehab and things of the sort. They usually get some coverage in the news, a few articles in the tabloid magazines, and some harsh comments from the general people on the internet world. Once the artist or celebrity comes out of the rehab or that the media has died down on the scandal, he/she goes back to usual business whether it is doing TV or filming movies, or just keeping on partying. I found that North American entertainment industry and sponsors can be tolerant to artists or celebrities’ past and let he/she still have a ground in the entertainment industry. On the other hand, it is a totally different response in the Asian entertainment industry. Usually a scandal this big would seriously affect the artist’s career. Both the Japanese and the Taiwanese have low tolerance of artists or celebrities doing drugs or behaving badly. When an artist is found doing drugs, it would usually involve a media frenzy on the said artist, police would be involved with the arrest, and even details such as drug testing would be released. Once the artist or celebrity comes out of jail or rehab, he/she usually would find it hard to return to previous state in their career. This is especially true for the Japanese. As the Japanese businesses are very strict about images, when the artist they sponsor was found doing drugs or some other despicable actions, they would pull out on the artist immediately and refuse to have any connection with the said artist. Even if the artist returns to the entertainment industry after rehab or jail, he/she will have a hard time looking for sponsors and people that would be willing to work with him/her. One odd thing is that Japanese adult film industry is willing to pay huge amount of money for famous actresses to star in adult films. What’s even more bizarre is that this would be the only way for fallen star actresses to turn their career around. The wonder of cultural differences…


One response to “Yet another comparison blog: Tolerance of drugs and bad behaviour in different Entertainment Industries

  1. Very Interesting article Annie. I wish to shed some light about the Indian Film Industry on the same. The film industry is exactly like other Asian countries on drug usage, except the part where fallen actress going to adult movies in Japan. In Indian film industry, the actress are chosen as one of the glamorous element of the movie. The film industry is always actor centered while actress driven stories are very few or almost doesn’t exist. The actress who get the glamorous short fame are usually because of their looks and beauty from their short film career. And also they are judged from their marriage too. LOL!! YES!! the married actress gets very few or no career offers from then.. Mostly the fallen famous actresses make their way to television series after marriage which would focus on family drama stories (concentrating family values, marriage, family relationship and stuff) which would eventually get them a Family women image from the image of sexy and elegant actress. And one more interesting career view is that Television industry people usually look up on film personalities. Its considered to be their career decline when they go from film to television industry. People tend to move from television to film not the other way.
    Now, the trend is slowly changing, as the television personalities get good exposure than movies as the audience see them more frequently than the movie.

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