Last comparison blog:North American TV series vs. Asian TV series

tv shows

North American TV production companies typically create seasons of a TV series. We would normally expect each season to be around 10 to 22 episodes per season and expect a return of the series every year if the series is successful and the series doesn’t get cancelled by the broadcasting TV network. It is normal for North American audiences to see cliff hangers at the end of a series and for audiences to anticipate the up and coming season. However, it is the total opposite with Asian TV dramas (they’re called drama instead of series). Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Chinese drama can be very different in production style, but they are similar in the way that they usually don’t have a 2nd season; unless the series is super successful and the writer can come up with more material to make into a TV drama. A typical Japanese drama is about 10 to 13 episodes. Each episode would have its own theme with tiny snippets of scenes in each episodes that will build up to the climax near the end of the drama. Taiwanese and Korean drama are much longer in length in general. Usually it can be around 50 to 100 episodes per drama. The Taiwanese production of the TV drama corresponds with the reflection from audiences so that the drama can follow audiences’ taste. In Asia, not only will successful TV drama get a 2nd season, it is also possible to make a Movie spin-off off of it. The benefit of Asian TV dramas is that they don’t leave any cliff hangers at the end. I find it frustrating that North American TV series would often get cancelled and leaves the audience with cliff hangers and no endings. It is also sad to see some of the better TV series get cancelled just because there wasn’t enough TV viewership. On the other hand, Asian TV dramas are more predictable. Their script and filming techniques are too methodological to the point that if you’ve seen one you know them all. But don’t get me wrong, there are some pretty well written and well produced successful Asian TV dramas out there. Personally, I really don’t like Taiwanese drama. They’re just too superficial, cheaply made, and badly written (sometimes dialogs just seem too unnatural). Or maybe I’m just not used to Taiwanese drama…and I’m Taiwanese…


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