Last Blog


Finally, my last blog for this assignment. Blogging has been an interesting experience for me. I was never really the type to keep diaries or blogs. But, it was fun to blog about things I found on the internet that I thought was interesting, share some random things and share some of my personal insights on the difference of North American and Asian arts and entertainment industries. It was also interesting and fun to read other people blog about their experience, interests, and their opinion on certain things. All in all, it has been an interesting and fun blogging experience. That’ll be all for my last blog.

Here’re some videos to entertain you.


2 responses to “Last Blog

  1. I LOVE cat friend and dog friend!!!! I have had a really difficult time with this blog…. I don’t really like talking about myself or assuming that anyone is even remotely interested in anything I have to say about anything haha! So therefore, I will be doing half of my posts today.

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